Books and Catalogues


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Selected Website Listings

ONLINE PUBLICATIONS: Articles, Blogs, Media and Podcasts: (chronological)

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Articles and Reviews


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PRESENTED AT CONFERENCES, SYMPOSIUMS and EXHIBITIONS (presented by Holly Lane unless otherwise specified)

June 2019 - Society of Gilders 2019 Annual Conference, St. Paul, MN, included in Keynote: Lynn Rutters,
“Gliding in Fine Art”
March 2015 - Cuesta College, San Luis Obispo, CA Artist’s Talk, Experimental Theater, in conjunction with
The Harold J. Miossi Art Gallery solo exhibition: Fortuna’s First Assignment and Other Musings,
Painting and Sculpture by Holly Lane.
April 2013 - Salon Panorama, San Francisco CA, Artist’s slide lecture, also presenting; Erling Wold, Opera
October 2001 - Lyman Allyn Art Museum, Connecticut College, New London, CT Artist’s slide lecture in conjunction
with traveling solo exhibition: Small Miracles
June 2001 - Yellowstone Art Museum, Billings, MT, Artist’s slide lecture in conjunction with traveling solo
exhibition: Small Miracles
April 2001 - San Jose State University, Natalie and James Thompson Art Gallery, Art History Lecture Hall,
Artist’s slide lecture in conjunction with traveling solo exhibition: Small Miracles
March 1999 - Marquette University’s Fifth Annual Women’s Studies Conference: Women and Creativity: II
Women as Artists and Subjects: “Mary Magdalene as Proto-Ecofeminist in the Visual Art of Holly
Lane”, presented by Dr. R. Porritt of West Chester, University, PA
May 1995 - Art Museum of South East Texas, Beaumont TX, Artist’s slide lecture in conjunction with solo
exhibition: Frames of Mind
April 1995 - Society for Women In Philosophy Conference, Lexington, KY, “In Wilderness: Ecofeminism
in the Visual Art of Holly Lane”, presented by, Dr. R. Porritt of West Chester University, PA


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